Failing Forward: Finding Your Superpower

The purpose of this post is to continue a conversation on elevating our perception of self-worth. If you haven’t done so already, check out my post on Your Superpower here.

Have you ever considered why we glorify and often try to emulate celebrities? Too often are we comparing our lives to others; we feel duped for not having the experiences they have. Most of what we see is plastered all over social media. As individuals who consume social media content regularly, it becomes easy to lose sight of the fact that most of what we see is only the good.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. However, it is imperative to remember that there is always a struggle behind every success story. Everyone has their own narrative, parts of which they withhold from the public eye. Therefore, we must start recognizing that everyone has insecurities and internal conflicts they are continually battling. With this change in perspective, celebrities quickly begin to resemble ordinary people with everyday problems just like us. 

Everyone must start somewhere, and through trials and tribulations does one reach financial, emotional, and physical stability, among many other things. Even those celebrities we admire have failed numerous times before getting to their current position. We throw around the word “privileged” all too often when describing people who have more than us. We use this word as a way to downplay their hard work and dilute the inevitability of conflict they endured to get where they are. When doing this, we take the responsibility away from ourselves. Because let’s face it, it’s easier to sit around and complain about all the things you don’t have instead of being self-accountable and take action.

Our first step forward, often accompanied by emotions of fear of the unknown, is the most critical step towards growth. Without this first step, you will always remain stagnant in your life. Following this, it’s important to embrace failure and humility, always reminding yourself that no one is perfect. Choosing to move forward despite any insecurities you may have surrounding a situation is an investment in your success. The concept of failing forward encourages people to free themselves of any feelings of uncertainty. Any outcome, whether perceived good or bad, is a step forward.

Instead of viewing a bad situation as a defining measurement of one’s fixed ability, every event in your life should be perceived as an opportunity for improvement. Self-reflection is crucial to understand all the moving parts of a perceived setback; that way, you can utilize all the tools necessary to succeed during your second attempt. When doing this, one no longer views achieving people as individuals with skills only accessible to them through genetic predisposition, but instead, can resonate with their dedication and understand that with patience and hard work, they can be the same.

There is a vast difference in our perceived ability versus our actual ability.  

Adriana Owens

Fueling our self-confidence, a sense of identity and purpose in life steers us away from continually seeking acceptance from external factors and the need to validate oneself through comparison to others. We start to understand that setbacks are not self-defining but necessary to grow. Self-discovery occurs through trial and error. During this time, we gain insight into ourselves and genuinely start to understand what our purpose and direction are in life. 

You find your superpower by taking action and “failing” time aftertime. 

So continue to get back up and try again. Your failures and successes are both worth celebrating. 

Continue to embrace the power that you hold and Share this post on your social media pages!

Talk soon … Adriana 🙂


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