Inspiring Podcasts for Professional & Personal Development

Today, let’s talk about podcasts. Never in a million years would I have thought I’de create such a liking for podcasts. Being completely honest, I never fully understood them. What was the point? Are you telling me I have to listen to an hour-long episode of people talking? My head is already overwhelmed with the amount of content learned in my college classes each day, so adding on any additional learning in my day was a hard pass. Another big reason why I couldn’t get into it at first is that I am a very visual person. When you’re listening to podcasts, you have to imagine the type of environment the speaker is in at the time. I enjoy face-to-face communication, in-person human interaction, so this idea of podcasts was a very abstract idea to me, that was hard for me to grasp. 

My first introduction to podcasts interestingly enough was through Youtube. One of my good friends shared a series called Relationship Goals by Transformation Church. After watching and rewatching this 8 part series numerous times, I was interested in watching more. After some investigation, I figured out Transformation Church had a Podcast. I continued listening to more of the episodes, sharing them with friends and family. It got to the point where I had people sending me episodes before I even listened too them. We would sit on the phone and discuss the message for hours. This was the beginning of my love for podcasts. 

Podcasts have a way of making information personal and relatable. Often episodes discuss topics not readily talked about in everyday conversation. They force you to think critically and restructure your perspectives. Podcasts are a time-efficient form of communication, accessible from any place at any given time. 

Here are some easy ways to incorporate podcasts into your daily life:

Photo by rakhmat suwandi on Unsplash

  • While getting ready in the morning
  • Your commute to and from work/school
  • Road trips
  • A long flight 
  • Doing a lengthy cardio session at the gym 
  • During your lunch break
  • Study breaks
  • While doing household chores
  • When you’re out running errands
  • Getting ready for bed

After getting accustomed to podcasts, I started branching out to other topics, all surrounding self-growth, professional development, relationships, and finances. I’ve listed some of my favorite shows below, as well as some suggested by others. 

Transformation Church

For anyone in search of a great Christian podcast. Transformation Church is by far one of my top favorites. Led by Lead Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd, this podcast is engaging, relatable, and genuinely impacted my life in ways that I can’t even begin to describe.

Some of my favorite series are Stride // Jesus Walks and Relationship Goals :: Before the Person

The Roommates Podcast

Two roommates Hafeez and Chris, discuss topics on emotional and spiritual health, kindness, and togetherness. Their thirst for knowledge is inspiring with several guest stars from a variety of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and political affiliations. 

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

A personal collection of Oprah Winfrey’s interviews with “thought leaders, best selling authors, spiritual luminaries, and health/wellness experts.” 

Manifestation Babe 

Kathrin Zenkina, the creator of Manifestation Babe, hosts a how-to guide on how to jump-start your life and take it to the next level. She encourages others to soul search and “unleash their inner magic” and “manifest a reality, wilder than their wildest dreams.” 

The BossBabe Podcast

A female entrepreneur dream podcast. BossBab is a how-to guide on building a “successful business, achieving peak performance, and learning to balance it all.” 

Grow & Glow Show

Are you looking to grow your personal brand and build a strong social media following? The Grow and Glow show is the podcast for you. Learn the foundations on how start making money with your personal brand today.

Code Switch

Join some fearless journalists of color as they discuss topics of race and its interconnection with politics, pop culture, history sports, and more!

Soul Filling Podcast 

A podcast on the becoming. The soul searching process of becoming the best version of yourself—a transparent discussion on the complexities of everyday life and how to overcome these obstacles. 

Podcasts are highly engaging and a great way to feed your mind. Often I’ll keep track of things I learn in the notes application on my phone. Or if you are good at keeping written notes, you can start a Podcast Journal. Keeping track of what you learn is beneficial because it allows you to go back and revisit these topics at a later date, often when you need it the most.

Do you have a favorite Podcast? Please share them below, I would love to hear from you!

Talk soon,



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